Abscess Tooth Treatment

The pain you feel for tooth abscess or tooth infection might bother your whole day. This disease of course can be prevented and be cured.

Abscess tooth is a disease caused by the growth of bacteria in your teeth. Tooth decay is the common problem that triggers this disease. Well, there are various things that cause this. The infection of this disease is lying between the tooth and the gum, and also in the root of teeth. Tooth decay, trauma of tooth, gum disease, and also gingivitis are various causes of abscess tooth. Those problems will allow bacteria to enter through your tooth enamel. They will infect the pulp, which is the center of the teeth; the bacteria can spread from the root to the bones that support the teeth.

Symptoms and How to diagnose it

Sharp pain is common symptoms you will get when having abscess tooth, while other that may follow are bitter taste in mouth, swelling area on lower or upper jaw, pain when chewing, fever, redness at gums, open sire at the side of teeth gum, swollen neck glands also may happen, and the last common symptoms is sensitivity of your teeth to cold or hot liquids and foods. If the infection is not treated well, it can spread and keep growing, and finally can affect to tissue. Further and worsen disease may happen.

Dentist will check the infection by examining your mouth. They will push the swollen area on your teeth gum, and do a pulp test to see whether or not the bacteria is still active, and the tooth is still alive or not. The pulp test will cover these three things, tapping on your mouth, temperature testing, and also examination with electric tester. X-ray examination is sometimes also done to see the lose bones of your teeth. When the dentist tap on your tooth and you feel pain, it means something. They sometimes also ask you to close the mouth very tight, and when the pain increases, this can be meant as abscess tooth. Red and swollen gums also give a sign for a dentist to see that you have this problem.


Antibiotics are needed to kill the bacteria and the infections. Your doctor may also suggest you to rinse regularly your teeth with warm water mixed with salt water for several days. This is also used for calming your gum and teeth. The last treatment done by the dentist is removing diseased tissue, to prevent infections spread from the abscess tooth.

Tooth infection

Abscess can happen is some parts of body, skin, genital, or even teeth. Just like another disease that happens, teeth abscess will put you to stressful condition.

Tooth-InfectionTooth infection is different from gum infection. Sometimes we are mistaken with this thing. The source of its infection is different and also its location. Tooth infection is from the pulp of the teeth, the tooth’s apex is exited out at the bottom of tooth’s root, while gum infection happens in gum pocket, which is outside the tooth. The treatment for these two infections is also different each other.

Cause and Symptoms

The growth of bacteria is the main trigger of this disease. The bacteria will grow at the soft tissue and to the bones of neck and face from the existing cavity. Not appropriate dental care to the infected tooth, poor hygiene especially for dental health is two reasons to cause cavities forming in your tooth. If it is not treated well, tooth infection can spread to gums, and create a painful abscess. The symptoms if you have this problem are redness on face or mouth, swelling, and also pain. Some worst infection will bring you to diarrhea, vomiting, chills, nausea, and also fever. Pus drainage, oral swelling, cavities, difficulty in opening mouth or when swallowing, gum inflammation are some other things you will experience when having tooth infection.

Complication may happen when it is not treated well. Bacteria in cavity can spread to the throat, gums, tongue, even to your facial bones. When the issue inflame, it will be very painful. If the infection leads you to swelling which blocks airway, then you will find difficulty in breathing.

Preventive action can be done to lessen a chance of further disease. Regular brushing and flossing will prevent it, besides avoiding consuming alcohol and smoke. Do regular check to dentist, to see whether there is decay or not, when the problem found early, it will not lead you to painful disease.


Whenever you feel the pain, take painkillers that commonly found at home, like paracetamol and ibuprofen. Yet, remember that this does not cure your real problem. Another way to do is by cleansing your mouth with warm water mixes with salt. Rinsing the mouth with baking soda is also common, if you have tea bag, put the moist one to your tooth and compress for a while. That is what you can do to reduce the pain, but it is only dentists who can cure your tooth infection.

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Dental Care for Any Purpose

Conducting a regularly dental treatment is important to maintain long-term teeth health. You can show off your bright and sweet smile to the other people when you have tidy teeth. The mouth health is a continuous process including teeth check up and maintenance. Those can handle simple teeth problems before it gets developing causing a serious problem. The teeth treatment is very popular among people to handle the teeth cause and problem.

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Better Smile with Invisalign

Having the best appearance surely becomes very great asset for anyone. Appearance will be very crucial asset for people who have to get involved with many people when doing their job. That is why people will try their best for improving their appearance. The best appearance will help them to build the confidence so they can give the best of them when doing any activity. For getting the best appearance, people need to buy their fashion collection. However, it is only one small part which people can do for improving their appearance.

There are still other steps which people can take for improving their appearance. People must not only consider about something which can cover their body. They also have to consider about their body. If people want to get the best appearance, they must pay attention to their body. It can be more than just having slim body of course because people also need to improve their smile. Having the best smile will be able to build the best first impression when they do various daily activities. The best smile will be influenced by the dental health of course. People need to keep their teeth healthy and they also improve its look with cosmetic dental treatment. They can consider invisalign dentist Providence for getting much better teeth arrangement.

There are various steps which people can take when people want to get better teeth arrangement. Some options including teeth braces will make them have to deal with the change of their appearance until their teeth got its best arrangement. However, people do not have to worry that they have to cover their mouth when they are smiling if they choose invisalign. It has the similar function as teeth braces but it appears in transparent form so people will not aware that they wear anything on their teeth.

Better Appearance with Healthy Teeth

There is very strong relation between health and physical appearance. Many people maybe try very hard to get the best physical appearance but they focus on the way to get the best physical appearance. They forget about the health aspect which can influence their physical appearance greatly. In fact, if people can keep their body healthy, they will get the best physical appearance as super precious bonus. That is why if people want to get the best physical appearance, keeping their body healthy is obviously important. Of course it means that people have to consider about their teeth health.

Many people are very familiar with the basic method for keeping their teeth healthy. They have to brush their teeth at least twice a day but it is not enough for sure because people also need to go to the dentist for getting better teeth cleaning. There are some conditions of teeth which cannot be cleaned properly with just brushing it regularly. They have to go to the dentist for getting the general dentistry Clearwater so they will be able to clean their teeth completely. In fact, people at least have to visit the dentist once in every six months for monitoring their teeth health.

Teeth health is crucial because people will be able to get the proper digestion process which is started from the food processing in mouth. It means that teeth will play very crucial role so it is necessary for making sure that the teeth can work properly. Keeping the teeth healthy is not only important for ensuring the functional aspect of the teeth because it will also bring very big influence to their appearance. With the healthy teeth, people will be able to get the best smile and the best smile is important for building the good first impression which is beneficial for people who have to meet people a lot.

Tooth Extraction: Before and After

extraction-of-toothTooth extraction is one that the dentists do for curing problem on your teeth. The reasons to do it are various and also the hopes after extracting the teeth. At least, there are four things that make your dentists pull a tooth from your mouth. Crowded mouth is one reason why the dentist pulls teeth. If the tooth is too big to be in your mouth, they will pull it out, of course with various considerations. Or when the tooth cannot erupt, the dentist will also do tooth extraction. Another thing is teeth infection. Extracting teeth is one way to prevent the spread of the infection. When the infection has not coming yet, for those who have high risk of infection is one of reasons the dentists do extracting. The last one is gum disease, an infection of bones and teeth tissues.

What to Do before Pulling Teeth

Tooth extraction today is very safe, but there are some things to note here. The procedure may trigger bacteria into your bloodstream, infections on gum tissue may also happen. To prevent this thing happens, tell your whole medical history, the supplements or medications you do, and also the antibiotics allergies you may have. Antibiotics will be used before and after the extraction. Tell them also if you have health problem below, liver disease, heart defect, damaged heart valves, problem with immune system, and also having history of having bacterial endocarditis.

What to Do after Extraction

Painkillers are given by the dentist after the extraction, they also give you gauze pad that you need to bite gently yet firmly to stop and reduce the bleeding. Change the pad when it is already soaked in blood. Put the pad after the extraction for three until four hours. Applying ice bag to prevent swelling is also great idea. Avoid rinsing your mouth in 24 hours, after one day then rinsing the mouth with mixture of salt and warm water. When the extraction gets better, floss and brush your teeth regularly, but still avoid the extraction part. This is done to prevent infection. Make yourself relax for one day, limit the activities you do. Within a day, avoid drinking from straw as well, avoiding smoking since it can inhibit the healing. Eating soft food for several days will help your healing. Do this to fasten the healing of tooth extraction.